MG Motors Reopens Bookings for HS SUV

MG HS Bookings

After Changan Pakistan closed the pre-bookings for its Alsvin car, the British automotive marque MG (MORRIS GARAGES) announced that they are reopening bookings for MG HS. The MG Motors closed their booking for MG HS for one week in December.  

According to sources, the company is delivering MG HS to its customers since last month. As per the delivery time, the company is taking up to 3 months for delivering the SUV. 

Reports have also revealed that the company has received bookings for more than 3,000 SUVs across Pakistan and only in Faisalabad, MG has grabbed more than 1,000 HS orders, and the news of which was also shared by Javed Afridi on microblogging site Twitter.  

Local Manufacturing? 

MG is also planning to manufacture the local variant of SUVs in mid of 2021. The MG has a manufacturing plant in Lahore, where the company is planning to make Completely Knocked Down (CKD) units. 

Feature of MG HS SUV 

Engine & Transmission

With 160hp and 250Nm Torque, MG HS comes with a 1500cc turbocharged engine. In the meantime, MG has mounted Auto Dual Clutch Transmission 7-speed (DCT). 

Cruise Control & Cameras

The MG car has Intelligent Cruise Control, which monitors speed on the road according to traffic. In addition, it fits with 360-degree cameras that provide views of the driver from every angle.  

Safety in MG HS

In its cars, MG has equipped 6 airbags, making it very secure for both the driver and passengers. MG has also implemented the new Anti-Collision Device in the vehicle, which triggers the brakes if anything unexpectedly appears in front of the car. 

Lane Assist System & Paddle Shifters

In addition, MG has come up with Lane-Assist and Paddle Shifters. The Lane-Assist helps driver while changing the direction, it will give a warning because there is another vehicle beside it. In the meantime, Paddle Shifters makes driving very easy, as the driver may shift the gears with the tip of fingers. 

MG HS Price

According to company the current price of MG HS is Rs. 5.5 million. 

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