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Meet the seven national heroes honored during the Pakistan Day parade

national heroes honored during the Pakistan Day parade

The government of Pakistan has acknowledged the efforts of 7 national heroes in bringing immense pride to the country during Pakistan Day parade.

During the Pakistan Day Parade on Thursday, the country recognized the struggles of national heroes. Pakistan’s military parade, which features contingents of the three armed forces, was postponed due to inclement weather on March 23. However, those national heroes are; 

Sajid Sadpara 

He is the son of the famous mountaineer, Ali Sadpara. Sajid Sadpara was another name celebrated and recognized for his passion and contribution in bringing a good name to the country. 

In summer 2019, Sajid became the youngest person to summit K2. 

Parveen Saeed 

She was the first one to receive the acknowledgment, the Karachi’s Parveen Saeed who runs Khana Ghar. Her efforts of providing the facility aim to feed hundreds of people belonging to the underprivileged segments of society. 

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According to Khana Ghar’s official website, Saeed’s Khana Ghar provides meals to poor families at unbelievably low prices. “Around 300 people eat at Khana Ghar in Khuda Ki Basti daily, and the cost of the operation comes to about Rs4,000 a day,”  

Natalya Najam 

She is only 9 years old, Natalya Najam is the fastest and youngest in the world to arrange the chemical elements of the periodic table in the shortest possible time and broke the record of an Indian professor. She is also a Lahore-based science enthusiast, broke the previous record by seven seconds. 

Mahendra Pal Singh 

This 24-year-old Sikh bowler Mahendra Singh is the first Pakistani bowler to represent the Sikhs at the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and represented Peshawar Zalmi. He is a right-handed bowler, comes from Larkana, He belongs to the tiny 20,000 strong Sikh communities in Pakistan. 


Rafia Baig is the first woman to join the bomb disposal squad of the country. A bomb blast that happened near a session court years back motivated her to join the force. Before joining the bomb disposal squad, she served in the police as a constable for seven years. 

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Ali Gohar 

He is a young talent to receive acknowledgement at Pakistan’s military parade, who lost both hands in an electric shock, but he never gave up his skill for painting. Ali, with exemplary courage, paints with his feet. 

Master Ayub 

Master Ayub is a firefighter by profession, but now he educates many children as he can who are burdened by poverty and lack of resources. He also provides free education to children living in the slums of Islamabad. 

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