Mariyam Nafees shares what it’s like to have coronavirus

Mariyam Nafees

It has been four days since the Diyar-e-Dil actor, Mariyam Nafees, tested positive for coronavirus and she has shared what it is been like for her in isolation.

She took to Instagram and started writing, “First and foremost – A humongous THANK YOU. I really have no words compared to the love and concern I’ve received since I tested positive. Thank you for all the messages, phone calls and prayers. My inbox is full of L-O-V-E. I’m SO VERY grateful. You all are making it bearable for me, I swear.”

“I didn’t even know until now that such pains existed. My symptoms arose three days after I met a friend who tested positive the next day. Started with pain in the lower back, jawline and gums followed by severe headache and fatigue.”

“I went to get tested the next morning, while I was waiting for my results I knew I’m positive because my symptoms started increasing rapidly – light and sound sensitivity, full body ache, flu, high fever, dry cough, extreme fatigue and by the evening my senses of taste and smell went mild.”

Mariyam Nafees added, “The fever comes and goes and so does the headache, yesterday was better in terms of fatigue but it’s back today, moving around is a task. Flu is better but I can’t smell or taste things at all. My days are mostly spent either sleeping or watching TV. BUT I can’t stop counting my blessings. A wonderful family, fantastic friends and countless well wishers. I feel super lucky!”

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“This wave is lethal! Please stay at home, go out only if necessary. Wear your mask, gloves and sanitise properly. Covid is no fun, isolation is no fun. Not even if you enjoy your own company and never get bored of yourself. After a few hours you would want your people, to be able to chill and eat with them.”

“And if you are in isolation then hang in there, buddy. Watch all ‘em series and movies you’ve missed out on, read, reconnect with people, discover new music, watch sunsets, work out a little, dance a little, relax, rejuvenate and pray. These are the times to mend relationships, to forgive and seek forgiveness. Let go of resentments and cherish the life we’ve been blessed with. Spread positivity and love!” and with that she concluded her writing.

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