Malaysia suspends Pakistani pilots and started to probe their licenses

Pakistani plane

Dismissal bombs keep on falling on PIA pilots and staff as Malaysia also temporarily suspended Pakistani aviation employees.

After a six months ban imposed on Pakistan International Airline (PIA) by the European Union, now Malaysia has also suspended PIA employees who hold a pilot license.

The Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia (CAAM) started an inquiry and grounded Pakistani pilots. The CAAM mentioned that less than 20 Pakistani pilots are working for Malaysian Airlines.

The Civil Aviation Authority Malaysia is looking closely at the current fake pilot license issue ignited in Pakistan and working with Pakistan for verifying their licenses. The CAAM mentioned that once the verification is completed and the Pakistan government verifies the issued licenses then all grounded pilots will be reinstated to their old positions. The verdict was made by CAAM when PIA grounded 150 pilots over their dubious licenses.

Pakistani pilots scandal will trigger PIA reforms?

After the scathing claim of Pakistan Aviation Minster that 40% of the country’s pilots possess a dubious license, Malaysia and other countries took serious notice of it and starting their own probes of the Pakistani origin pilots working in their respective countries.

Pakistan has itself grounded the pilots with dubious license PIA and turned its attention towards other staff and dismissed 49 employees from their service. 25 of the employees were fired due to holding fake or tempered degrees. 21 of the employees were terminated due to a high absence rate, one of the employees was laid off due to noncompliance of rules and the other two were involved in revealing delicate information on social media platforms. However, 11 employees received an appreciation letter for their dedication and commitment to work.

The Assistant Manager of PIA Khalid Mehmood Jadoon was also fired for having a bogus BA degree.

In these circumstances when all the focus is on PIA, the government is looking forward to reforming the tainted institution.

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