Major drop in sanitisers, masks prices after Covid-19 cases waned in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi Covid-19 sanitisers masks

After the record decline in the number of Covid-19 patients in Rawalpindi and the complete lifting of lockdown, the prices of hand sanitisers, masks and other personal protective equipment (PPEs) have dropped to the extent of 100 percent.

At all the public places like government offices and district courts, people have almost given up the use of masks, gloves, and sanitisers. The temporary sales points of sanitiser or masks etc at different points in Rawalpindi have also been disappeared. The pharmaceutical companies of Rawalpindi have stopped the manufacturing of masks and sanitisers.

Now a mask is available between Rs 8-10 in open markets. The better quality mask is being sold at Rs 20 and a special medical mask is available at Rs 50. It is surprising that the mask which is being sold at Rs 50 was at times available at Rs 5000 in the early days of COVID-19. Later, the prices of which were brought down to Rs 3000 and in the last days of July it was being sold at Rs 500.

Along with drop in masks prices in Rawalpindi, sanitisers which were being sold at Rs 800 in the early days of Covid-19 the price of which was brought down to 500 is now available at Rs 200. The prices of sanitisers, masks, gloves, etc have been reduced to the extent of 98 percent in the common market. In markets, parks, and offices, the use of masks has been reduced to the extent of 95 percent and the use of gloves has been reduced to the extent of 99 percent whereas the use of sanitizer has almost been given up.

During the peak days of coronavirus along with the above-mentioned items, the price of the oxygen cylinder jumped to the level which was almost out of the reach of the common person. The oximeter which is now available at Rs 500 was sold at Rs 3500 in the peak coronavirus days.

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