LRH Peshawar starts virtual meetings of COVID-19 patients with their families

LRH Peshawar will now provide a video call facility to conduct virtual meetings of COVID-19 patients with their family and relatives.

Innovative methods of interaction keep on coming during pandemic coronavirus thanks to technology. Due to coronavirus, everyone is avoiding meeting others and those who are admitted in hospitals are unable to talk with their family members. So, to bridge the gap, now families can communicate with COVID-19 patients through video call service in Lady Reading Hospital situated in Peshawar.

According to the spokesperson of the LRH Peshawar, the hospital management decided to introduce the facility of virtual meetings to assist families to communicate with COVID-19 patients.

Purpose of Virtual Meetings

Through video call service it will clear all the misunderstandings related to hospital staff and it is very good for patients to interact with their family members to uplift their mood and increase mental health.

Another good thing LRH has done is they created a separate counseling room where families can interact with doctors and can ask about its patient progress and health condition along with COVID-19 related questions.

This was done because the number of fights between hospital staff and patient’s families was on the rise due to mistrust and misunderstandings, and also because hospital staff was not allowing families to meet with COVID-19 patients.

To settle this situation hospital administration has decided to arrange a video call. This service will help in making the relatives satisfied and it would also help in maintaining the mental health of patients during their isolation period.

With the rapid increase in cases and with mostly older people getting admitted to the hospital, other hospitals must also initiate such steps to keep the concerned families updated.

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