Launching ceremony of 2022 China Tourism and Culture Week held in Beijing

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China Cultural Center in Pakistan has launched a series of online activities to mark the global “2022 China Tourism and Culture Week” in September. 

Minister of Culture and Tourism Hu Heping will attend and address the official launching ceremony which is scheduled to be held in Beijing on 6th September. The 2022 cultural week will end on September 15. 

According to the sources, the “2022 China Tourism and Culture Week” is jointly hosted by the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture and Tourism and People’s Daily Online, the Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation, and arranged by Overseas China Cultural Center and Overseas China National Tourism Office. 

The event aims to promote Tourism and Culture on six themed topics like “City Constructions”, “Yellow River Culture”, “The Silk Road”, “Intangible Cultural Heritage for Poverty Reduction”, “Rural Revitalization” and “China Travel Course”.

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The series of documentaries for the Silk Road intends to promote tourism and cultural aspects of cities along the Silk Road. The playlist comprises documentaries on “Xinjiang is a Wonderful Place”, “Cultural Heritage of Xinjiang”, “Dunhuang, a Cultural Sanctuary of Mankind”, “Root & Soul”, “A Glimpse of Ningxia”, “Qinghai, the Province of Grand Beauty”, “All’s well in Gansu”, “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Qinghai”, “The Tibetan New Year”, “Shaanxi Culture”, and “New Tourism in Xizang”. 

Moreover, City Construction promotes tourism resources in different cities across China like Enshui, Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, Hebei, Guizhou, Luoyang Henan, Xi’an Shaanxi, and Dunhuang Gansu. 

Documentaries of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Xizang, Guangdong, Jiangxi, and Beijing intend to display the role intangible cultural heritage is playing in poverty reduction across China.  

The beautiful cultural and tourism resources of cities along the Yellow River will be highlighted by the Yellow River series of documentaries while the “Rural Revitalization” series of documentaries fully portrays the tourism and cultural aspects of villages across China. 

In the coming weeks, China Cultural Center in Pakistan will share a vast variety of interesting virtual and online activities through short videos, trailers, and posters focusing on performances, cultural heritage, culture, cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and much more. 

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