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Lahore to host Horse and Cattle Show next month

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The Punjab government made an announcement on Tuesday that it was looking forward to planning and organizing traditional horse and cattle show across the province; the festival is probably starting from the 10th of March.

As per the details, Punjab Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht declared that special representation would be provided to the cottage industries and small businesses to take part in the show. 

“The show activities will continue for three days starting from March 10th. The elements of harmonization of modern technology with tradition will be highlighted in the show.”

The minister claimed that the purpose of celebrating the horse and cattle show with traditional dedication was to revive traditional and entertaining activities after Covid-19. 

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“At this point, it is important for the government to understand that the whole world is moving forward with Covid-19, so Pakistan must also acknowledge and move forward. Restrictions due to Covid-19 on social networking and recreational activities adversely affected adolescents and children. It is the need of the hour to end this situation and the participation of school and college students in the show will also be ensured,” Bakht added.

Besides, above 12 recommendations were made by many departments in the conference, most of which were accepted, as well as the annual development program of roads and water supply schemes in small districts. 

Moreover, the tourism sector requested to start the Feasibility Study Scheme for setting up of chairlift and cable car at Fort Monroe part of the annual development program which was approved. 

During the meeting, Hashim Jawan Bakht also declared that an elevated expressway from Main Boulevard Gulberg to Motorway (M2) will be constructed in Lahore to control traffic and pollution problems.

In this regard, the minister ordered the Finance Department, Planning and Development and Lahore Development Authority to put forward a financial plan with a time frame for the construction of the elevated expressway thus work on the plan could be started at the earliest.

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