KP government open schools for admin, teaching staff

KP government schools staff

The KP government has reopened public and private sector schools for teaching and administrative staff members.

The admin staff will make preparations for the resumption of classes which will resume from September 15 next month under standard operating procedures.

The resumption of schools and educational activities will have to be started from September 15 onwards but the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa called for the whole management to start working from Thursday to maintain everything before the proper opening of schools.

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According to the notification issued on August 4, 2020, by the KP government Elementary & Secondary Education Department, “in order to ensure the schools’ readiness in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, all educational institutions within E&SED’s jurisdiction shall be opened for administrative and teaching staff to begin preparations for the implementation of the approved SOPs for safe schooling of children with effect from 6th of August, 2020.”

In the meeting held on 21st July, the provincial cabinet permitted the decision taken by the National Command and Operation Center on 10th July to fix the date of September 15 for the reopening of educational institutions across the country. However, notification clearly mentioned that resuming of all educational activities depends on the following of standard operating procedures for all campuses.

A secondary and higher level of schools will reopen with maximum staff strength of 10 members and not more than it. According to the notification, private schools that are not imparting online education would be allowed to resume their classes with the staff members not exceeding 10.

“Any violation of SOPs may result in the immediate closure of schools and/or punitive action against delinquent staff members,” the department said. Parents have also been asked to send their children to schools wearing masks and SOPs would be strictly followed.

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