‘Karachi civil war’: Pakistan slams Twitter for inaction over Indian fake news

Karachi civil war

Pakistani politicians slammed Twitter for its perceived inaction over Indian media hyping fake news about ‘Karachi civil war’.

The huge propaganda initiated when Indian government official accounts started tweeting about the non-existent civil war in Karachi a day earlier.

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Shireen Mazari, the Federal Minister for Human Rights tweeted that “unfortunate that @TwitterSupport [is deliberately] ignoring” the fake news being circulated.

“Facebook also indulging Indian propaganda & hate posts! Similarly, Islamophobia rampant but heaven forbid if any word said implying even a querying comment on holocaust,” Mazari said on Twitter.

While quoting the digital rights activist and lawyer, Nighat Dad, who called out Indian advocate Prashant Patel on his absurd claims and who started the whole ‘Karachi civil war’ falsehood with “10 Police officers of Sindh Police [were] martyred during their line of duty of saving people of Karachi” and that the “US Navy many enter in Karachi port soon”.

However, Ali Haider Zaidi, the Maritime Affairs Minister held Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) responsible and said “the Indian media propaganda is at its peak and this is only due to PDM event”.

Meanwhile, Pakistan People’s Party senior leader Senator Sherry Rehman called Pakistan’s internal discord “a sign of its political health”.

Senator Sherry Rehman explained the term “democracy is never one person or view; that when freedoms are curtailed people push back; that when constitutional rights are under threat, the brave speak out”.

Yesterday, the Indian media started campaigning against Pakistan’s biggest port city and falsely created an entire flimsy civil war which had everything a good action must contain like guns and bombing involvement among forces in a made-up area in Karachi named as “Gulshan-e-Bagh”.

The media group who participated in this propaganda included India Today, Zee News English, CNN News18, and India.com. All of the media groups have verified Twitter accounts claimed that armed clashes had started in Karachi.

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