IT Ministry working on WhatsApp type app to protect officials from cyber attacks

WhatsApp type app

IT Ministry is working on a local WhatsApp type app due to fact that WhatsApp or telephone messages could be hacked and exposed through cyber attacks.

Bilal Abbasi the Director of Ministry of Information and Technology (MoIT) revealed that a WhatsApp type android based application is under consideration for government members and departments.

Bilal Abbasi further added that the National Information Technology Board (NITB) is currently working on the government approved projects and the pilot version of the project will be released in a few weeks.

According to Bilal Abbasi, the government official shared documentation that involves various types of data and remained insecure by using WhatsApp platform, to tackle this issue the NITB is working on the matter and creating similar application so that they can protect and secure government data and their communication links.

The move to make WhatsApp type app came when a few days back Pakistan’s Intelligence Agencies identified a major cyber attack by Indian Intelligence Agencies comprising a range of cybercrimes that included deceitful fabrication by hacking personal mobiles and technological devices of military personnel and government officials.

On this matter Pakistan Armed Forces spokesperson DG ISPR shared a statement that “Various targets of Hostile Intelligences Agencies are being investigated. Pakistan Army has further enhanced necessary measures to thwart such activities including action against violators of standing operating procedures (SOPs) on cyber security.”

Furthermore, recommendations were also sent to all government departments and its institutions to detect loopholes and improve particular domains.

It has been observed that India is taking the game to the next level by building up its defensive and offensive cyberwarfare competency level.

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