In guise of airlifting diplomats from Kandahar, Indian planes drop weapons


The double game of the Indian authorities was exposed later that the two Indian planes landed in Kandahar on Saturday to airlift its diplomatic mission also dropped ammunition in the guise of it to be used against Afghan Taliban.

Two C-130 planes of India landed in Afghanistan on 10 and 11 July to airlift their team of diplomats in Kandahar. The planes on July 10 dropped 40 tonnes of ammunition of 122-mm cannon and delivered the same consignment the next day, local media reported.

India Shuts Down Afghanistan’s Kandahar Consulate 

According to Indian media, India evacuated roughly 50 ambassadors and other staff members from the Kandahar embassy in Afghanistan due to “heavy violence near Kandahar city.” 

The battle began when the Taliban attempted to reclaim control of the country as the US military withdrew after nearly two decades of presence. 

The consulate’s workers were flown to Delhi by an Air Force jet. 

Due to the severe fighting in Kandahar city, the Indian Consulate General in Kandahar has been shuttered.

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On Friday, Taliban authorities announced that they had gained control of 85 percent of Afghanistan’s land, raising worldwide anxiety over the country’s lack of medication and supplies. 

Zalmay Khalilzad, the US SRAR, previously stated that America’s military involvement in Afghanistan is coming to an end, and that the US would work hard to find a way to finish the war. 

“I return to Doha and the region to continue our determined diplomacy in search of a peace agreement between the Islamic Republic and the Taliban,” Zalmay Khalilzad stated in a series of tweets. A negotiated settlement is the only solution, as the President made clear in his recent remarks.” 

“America’s military presence in Afghanistan is coming to an end,” he continued. This is not the case with our commitment to Afghanistan.” 

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