How to verify FBR Active Taxpayer Status in Pakistan

FBR Taxpayer

All people with a source of income in Pakistan are required to register with the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR). Someone who registers with FBR is referred to as a filer. A filer becomes a taxpayer if he earns enough money to fall into any of the tax brackets established by the tax regulator.

How can a person know if he is a paying taxpayer? Anyone can find out if they are on the taxpayer list. The active taxpayer list is a centralized database of those who filed online income tax returns in the preceding tax year. The FBR has it, and anyone may check it out on their official website.

There are a variety of ways to determine whether or not a taxpayer is active. You can examine it using the procedures outlined below.

FBR Active Taxpayer Status Verification Via SMS

Verification of FBR filer status can be done as follows:

1. Open your phone’s SMS app.

2. Type “ATL space 13-digit CNIC No” in the search box.

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3. Text it to the number 9966.

To check your status, send an SMS to 9966 with the phrase ‘ATL CNIC #’. You will receive the following response:

Mr. Paras Ali Raza

Registration No: 3xxx4-0xxxxxx-x

ATL Status: Active


This tool can also be used to determine whether or not a taxpayer on the Active Taxpayers List is a filer or a non-filer. 

Meanwhile, you can also go to FBR website https://fbr.gov.pk/categ/file-income-tax-return/51147/80860/71159 and just write your CNIC number and after inserting Captcha, you will be able to know your ATL status.

How to Check FBR Active Taxpayer Status on Provinces

Sindh Active Taxpayer Status

Go to https://e.srb.gos.pk/Registration/onlinesearchTaxpayer.aspx

Punjab Active Taxpayer Status

Go to https://e.pra.punjab.gov.pk/ATLSearchUtility.aspx

Balochistan Active Taxpayer Status

Go to https://bra.gob.pk/Registration/onlinesearchTaxpayer.aspx

KP Active Taxpayer Status

Go to https://kpra.kp.gov.pk/Registration/onlinesearchTaxpayer.aspx

Check the AJ&K Active taxpayer status by SMS:

Checking a person’s tax status in AJ&K is similarly easy. Simply text “AJKATL (space) CNIC number without dashes” to 9966. You will receive a response detailing your active taxpayer status.

Advantages of Being an Active Taxpayer

1. On cash withdrawals and profits, banks will charge lower taxes.

2. Lower vehicle registration and transfer taxes.

3. A lower tax on property deals.

4. Profits from the selling of securities are subject to a lower tax rate.

5. A lower dividend tax.

6. Lotteries, such as prize bonds, are subject to a lower tax.

7. You may be eligible for a refund of overpaid taxes.

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