Honda increases motorcycle prices in Pakistan, YET AGAIN!

Honda Motorcycle

Atlas Honda has increased motorcycle prices by up to Rs 5,000. The top-of-the-chain CB150F SE now costs Rs 264,500 after a price hike.

Honda’s bike prices have been raised yet again. This is the company’s third raise in the previous four months, and it appears to be a regular task. The prices have been raised by Rs 5,000, according to a notification. 

From July 21, 2021, the new prices will be in effect. 

New Honda Motorcycle Prices

The Honda CD70 has suffered a price increase of Rs 2,400, and now costs Rs 86,900 instead of Rs 84,500. The price of the Honda CG125 has been hiked by Rs 3,000, to Rs 142,500 from Rs 139,500. 

The third bike, the Honda CD70Dream, witnessed a price increase of Rs 3,000, bringing the new price to Rs 93,500, up from Rs 90,500 previously. The next bike is Pridor, which has seen a price increase of Rs 2,500, and will now cost Rs 120,000, up from Rs 117,500 previously. 

The price for the CG125S has been hiked by Rs 3,000, bringing the new price to Rs 170,500, up from Rs 167,500 previously. Finally, the CB125F and CB150F charges have been increased by Rs 5,000. Therefore, the revised pricing of the CB125F is Rs 205,500, compared to Rs 200,500 previously. Meanwhile, the CB150 F will now cost Rs 260,500 instead of Rs 255,500. 

As previously stated, the Honda Atlas‘ motorcycle prices have risen several times. Furthermore, the corporation has provided no explanation as to why the prices have been altered. On the one hand, after the Auto Policy 2021-2026, all automobile companies reduced their pricing.

The government has abolished or lowered various taxes and charges on automobiles under the new programme. The federal government, on the other hand, has not announced any tax incentives or benefits for the bicycle industry. As a result, it is projected that prices would continue to rise, but for no obvious reason.

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