Honda increases bike prices yet again by up to Rs 3,000 for no reason

Honda bike

Atlas Honda motorcycles have stayed relatively the same since the early 1990s, with the exception of a few style updates such as yearly “new graphics” bike stickers. 

The company has made a few more major improvements to the motorcycle’s exterior design while keeping the frame and engine intact, and is attempting to defend the price premium by using fancy words like “Delux” “Dream” or “Special Edition” alongside the bike’s original nametag.

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Despite the fact that their bikes have largely remained the same for decades, their prices have skyrocketed for no apparent reason. 

According to recent news, Atlas Honda again increased their bikes price that became effective from 3, May 2021 which are as follows. 

Bikes Old Price (Rs.) Revised Price (Rs.) Price Increase (Rs.) 
CD-70 82,900 84,500 1600 
CD-70 Dream 88,900 90,500 1600 
Pridor 114,500 117,500 3000 
CG-125 136,500 139,500 3000 
CG-125 w/Self-Starter 164,500 167,500 3000 
CB-125 F 197,900 200,500 3000 
CB-150 F 252,500 255,500 3000 

Despite the exorbitant price hikes, Honda remains at the top of the chart among Pakistan’s other motorcycle manufacturers and sellers, which is both incredible and dreadful. 

Motorcyclists must make do with the existing offerings due to a lack of alternatives on the market. 

It could be argued that Pakistan has a plethora of commuter bikes to choose from. However, with the exception of a few bikes, the nametag may vary, but the commodity is essentially the same, which is why the repeated price increases, considering the local currency’s stability, are inexplicable. 

As we have seen that one manufacturer increases the price the competitor also follows. With Atlas Honda raising its bike prices, it is very certain that its rivals Pak Suzuki and Yamaha will also go for a price hike. 

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