Honda has not increased bike prices!

Honda bike

Atlas Honda has hiked the bike pricing yet again, according to a social media notification. The prices have been hiked by up to Rs 5,000, according to a notification. However after the discovery it is revealed that the message is false and that the company’s bike prices have not changed. 

According to company sources, the corporation has no plans to take such action at this time, and no official announcement has been issued. So, bikers, be on the lookout for such information. 

It’s worth noting that the company raised its pricing by Rs 3,000 in the last two months. The federal government offered various tax benefits for autos in the most recent Fiscal Budget 2021-22, but no such announcement was made for bikes. 

Moreover, there are news from Honda that for the CB150F, the manufacturer has created a whole new colour scheme. The new bike has matte black wheels and orange rims. Atlas Honda posted a photo of the new bike with the comment “Let the Adventure Begin.” So there’s good news for CB150F fans. 

Last Month’s Bike Price Hike by Honda

Honda raised the rates by Rs 3,000 last month. The revised prices took effect on May 3, 2021. 

After a Rs 1,600 price increase, the Honda CD70 now costs Rs 84,500. CD70 was previously priced at Rs 82,900. Meanwhile, the CG-125 experienced a Rs 3,000 price increase, going from Rs 136,500 to Rs 139,500. After a Rs 2,600 increase, the updated price of CD70-Dream was Rs 90,500. 

Meanwhile, the price of the CG-125/Self Starter increased by Rs 3,000 to Rs 167,500, the CB-125F to Rs 200,500, and the CB-150 F to Rs 255,500. 

In April, the company upped the prices of its motorcycles, which was not surprising. As the corporation continues to raise rates on a monthly basis, it appears that it has become a monthly routine for the company. 

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