Govt considering to reopen schools under SOPs: Shafqat Mahmood

reopen schools

Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood has said that the government is considering to reopen schools and other educational institutions under the SOPs across the country.

According to the Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training, the government is considering to reopen schools under SOPs and precautionary measures. He chaired a high level of meeting at his office in order to discuss the future of the reopening of schools.

The minister talked about the same for the madrasas and private institutions of all provinces that includes Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgil Baltistan. He said that a meeting has been scheduled with the Ministry of Health as the decision would be taken according to the coronavirus data provided by the NCOC. NCOC is where all the decisions are made.

Mr. Shafqat said the ministry through the UNICEF was in consultation with those countries that opened schools under various SOPs.

“We want to end the uncertainty on the basic important issue like education”

Moreover, 70 percent of parents want to send their children to schools under the observation of SOPs. This is why the minister held a press conference on the issue in order to take the parent’s views into consideration. This decision is still under consideration and the decision will be taken soon.

On the other hand, regarding the talks to reopen the schools under SOPs, Saeed Ghani, the Provincial Minister of Sindh for Labour, Education, and Literacy and Human Resources, said that schools will remain closed even for five years if needed and if coronavirus does not end.

The coronavirus situation is almost out of control and still the government os mulling about reopening the schools.

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