Anonymous Camera app automatically blurs faces out of photos

Anonymous Camera

During a protest, blurring someone’s image may save them from some future investigation. There are lots of apps that are available to cover your face but you have to do it manually, but cheers to a developer who made the Anonymous Camera app that automatically blurs your face in a picture while using the camera and it is very user friendly.

The new application is from a London AI startup Playground.AI and is only available on the iOS App Store at the moment and it’s totally free. Through machine learning, it spontaneously blurs the faces of people in photos and videos while you are capturing it through the application camera.

The Anonymous Camera app does not put the backup of your data into the cloud, so whatever you do it remains in your phone and you can delete the video clips or pictures after posting it on social media or any other platform.

If you have an iPhone XS or up model then you will be able to cover your whole body but for others, they can hide their face through a circle, noise, or by using blur feature. This app does not just hide your face but also removes any metadata you have on your pictures and videos. Through these features, no one will be able to apply reverse engineering to the photo or video.

There are two versions of the Anonymous Camera application one is free and the other one is the Paid version which costs $1.99. Through the paid version it will remove the watermark from photos. There are other handy features in the Pro version where you can have an option to blur some specific area instead of covering the whole screen.

The Anonymous Camera is a very useful application and we talked about many other useful applications and ways by which you can blur your face and others because while sharing the pictures on social media, you might don’t know who will be watching your photos.

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