Google for Nonprofits added Pakistan among other countries

Google for Nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits added ten more countries including Pakistan to their list where nonprofit organizations can use Google services at no charge to improve their productivity, continuation doing operations, and raise awareness.

The new countries added to Google for Nonprofits are:

Pakistan, Ukraine, Ghana, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta, Cyprus, Iceland, Ecuador, Nigeria, and Tanzania.

Although, in order to avail all the benefits of Google for Nonprofit Pakistan needs to fulfill some requirements.

The Program Manager for Google for Nonprofits Isha Mishra shared the statement via a blog post that we constantly received requests from different nonprofits organizations (NPO) from all over the world and in total there are 67 countries affiliated with us.

Through the program NPO will have access to numerous google features such as Link anywhere cards let you link supporters to any external URL, YouTube also provides extra assistance on fundraising campaigns, and also you can shoot or edit videos at YouTube global creator studios.

Sharing some examples in their blog post the Program Manager quoted an example that recently in Lithuania, a school was teaching digital skills to students in grade 5-12 and they were using the paid version of G Suite Basic which charged them a striking amount but later when Google for Nonprofits was available in their country, they shifted towards G Suite for Nonprofits which saved them money and they could focus more and improve their educational programs.

Also, in Athens, a foundation that creates social and philanthropic programs with an emphasis on Greek history, culture, norms, values and education, was finding it hard to manage their expenses before Google for Nonprofits because they did not had any dedicated marketing budget. Later on, with the addition of Google for Nonprofits in Athens, their team is now having a $10,000 Ad Grant for text-based advertising which is suitable for them to drive traffic on their website. The foundation is also planning to utilize Google Drive and Google Meet in order to enhance the working system.

Inclusion of Pakistan into the Google for Nonprofits list will bear similar fruits for SME nonprofit organizations and will help them grow and carry on with their bid in changing the world for good wether they are working on clean water projects, using YouTube for coronavirus awareness, caring for people in the local communities or charity work.

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