YouTube Pledges $5 Million to Pakistan for Spreading Coronavirus Awareness


YouTube announced to provide Pakistan $5 million in ad grant to spread awareness towards pandemic coronavirus.

To propagate the awareness about contagious disease coronavirus, Pakistan has been granted $5 million in ad grant by YouTube. YouTube Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki outlined a letter to PM Imran Khan where it was written “Google and YouTube have been doing to support Pakistan’s citizens and businesses through this difficult time”.

Moreover, the other information was also present in the letter that the tech companies are assisting local authorities in Pakistan in order to spread awareness among the whole population concerning COVID-19 by using information panels and alerts.

Day by day, Google is also arising the microsite when any person searches for coronavirus and website collects from the government’s coronavirus portal.

However, online platforms are consistently battling online abuse and misinformation. Other online platforms present authoritative sources in top results. Concerning this issue, the letter stated; “We will continue to quickly remove videos that discourage the public from seeking medical treatment or claim harmful substances have health benefits. We hope that the reports can help public health officials in Pakistan, and governments elsewhere respond to the coronavirus”

The letter also carried the proposed collaboration with the Pakistani government in producing a globally consistent digital policy and regulatory framework.

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