Goods worth $3.76 billion sent to top export destinations US, China, UK in four months

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The United States, China, and the United Kingdom (UK) continued to be the top three export destinations of Pakistani merchandise in the first four months of current financial year (2020-21). 

As per the statistics publicized by the State Bank of Pakistan, the US was found to be the top export destination of Pakistani goods and total exports were recorded to be almost $2.08 billion in contradiction of the exports of $1.558 billion million during July-October (2020-21), viewing the progress of 33 percent. 

It was then followed by China, in which Pakistan traded merchandises value $935 million against the exports of $514 million the previous years, presenting an upsurge of 82 percent. 

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The UK made the third top export destination, where exportation worth $742 million was recorded during the months against the exports of $669 million in last year with a 11 percent progress. 

Besides this, the consignments with other export destinations, Pakistani exports to UAE increased at $407.122 million contrary to $322.459 million through the last year, depicting a growth of 26.25 percent whereas the exportation to Germany was noted at $406.261 million against $367.529 million last year. 

Moreover, the exports to Holland, during July-September 2021-22, were noted at $328.654 million against $229.277 million while the exports to Italy raised at $252.776 million against $167.868 million. Pakistanis goods exportation to Spain was noted at $225.079 million compared with the exports of $147.446 million however the trades to Afghanistan were recorded at $127.647 million against $209.868 million last year. 

Pakistani’s exports to Bangladesh stood at $175.389 million against the US $127.487 million. In the same way, the trades to France during these months were recorded at $119.045 million compared with $91.146 million whereas the exports to Belgium raised at $167.374 million against the US $13.701 million. 

Similarly, exports to Saudi Arabia were documented at $93.22 million throughout the current year against $106.958 million last year while the exports to Canada stood at the US $91.511 million against $68.198 million, and to Malaysia $83.348 million against $43.922 million.

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