Facebook Shops set to streamline online shopping

Facebook Shops

Online shopping experience is getting sophisticated as Facebook has launched Facebook Shops, where businesses can now turn their Facebook and Instagram posts into online shops.

Having the right platform and an audience Facebook CEO is not letting any opportunity to go waste and in the latest feat, he has announced stepping into the e-commerce field with the launch of Facebook Shops. Facebook is taking a very bold step and providing service to online shopping stores by making shopping apps and letting businesses set up their shops without any charges on both social networks Facebook and Instagram.

The business owners can add items in their online stores, communicate with their customers through company app service, and also they can advertise their products. Shops will be incorporated into Facebook as well as other services such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

The customers can buy through the original site of the business or they can also purchase it through the checkout feature which will be integrated into the Facebook app in the near future while it is working on Instagram.

Last year Facebook launched a checkout feature on Instagram for its U.S based audience and through it, people can stay in the app while completing their purchase. Instagram takes a little cut on each sale.

What Facebook Shops means for e-commerce future

Every company continuously tries to find out new methods to increase revenue, so that’s what Facebook is doing during the pandemic coronavirus, as many other e-commerce giants have reported a big jump in revenues. They saw the opportunity and took a shot to capitalize on it. It is the perfect time to gain more customers and find a new source of revenue as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that almost 160 million small businesses are struggling during the pandemic coronavirus.

Facebook found out that the majority of the small business doesn’t have proper experience of online selling their products. Therefore Facebook Shops is not going to charge businesses to create their virtual stores and in the start, they are going to get revenue through ads.

This is a big step Facebook has taken to do something really impressive for the businesses and for its audience because due to lockdown everyone wants to have a big platform where they can see a huge collection of products and order it.

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