Pakistan set to register 38 exporters with Amazon


In an effort to open up the e-commerce market to the outside world, Pakistan has sent a list of 38 exporters to Amazon for registration.

Abdul Razzaq Dawood’s Ministry of Commerce and Investment shared the names of 38 exporters who are going to register with the renowned e-commerce global giant Amazon in order to improve Pakistan’s exports and business capability.

The advisor to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Commerce and Investment said that apart from the 38 exporters getting registered with Amazon further exporters are also eagerly waiting and they will join the program after the successful implementation of this test run.

Sports Industry, Surgical Equipment and Textile Sector

According to the reports, the current 38 exporters that are added to the list belong to the sports industry, surgical merchandises, and home textile sectors.

Pakistan is currently an emerging freelance market and that is why the government wants to increase its online presence by advancing in cross border trade.

Jeff Bezos net worth increased by 30.6% in last three months

With the pandemic coronavirus is still out there and due to which numerous businesses suffered heavy losses but online industry flourished like never before. Jeff Bezos who is the founder and CEO of Amazon has an increase of 30.6% in his net worth only in the last 3 months. The e-commerce industry took advantage of the COVID-19 and with the opportunities created by different entrepreneurs by staying inside their homes and using digital ways to do their daily tasks.

The State Bank of Pakistan created a controlling structure for the business-to-consumer e-commerce market. The designed framework will be adopted only once it will be integrated with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) e-commerce module.

Furthermore, the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) are also doing their work in order to boost the e-commerce industry in Pakistan.

By taking these steps and once Amazon gains the trust of the emerging Pakistani Market, Amazon may finally come into Pakistan with heavy Investment.

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