Esra Bilgic will be working with Pakistan’s three top brands

Esra Bilgic

The lead actress of the most popular Turkish series in Pakistan, Ertugrul’s Esra Bilgic will be working with Pakistan’s three most popular brands and is also planning to visit Pakistan soon.

Ertugrul’s cast is very flabbergasted over the response received from Pakistan, as Pakistani’s continue to indulge in binge-watching Ertugrul on YouTube and also on national TV.

Esra Bilgic about her Pakistan’s visit

After the success of Diriliş: Ertuğrul in Pakistan the cast is eager to visit Pakistan and Esra Bilgic also shown interest in visiting the country.

The Seljuk warrior princess Halime Sultan dropped another major news as well by revealing that she will be working with three top brands of Pakistan.

Though, Esra Bilgic did not publicize the name of Pakistan’s brands but asked her fan-following in Pakistan to wait for more details.

“We will meet when all this is over (talking about the coronavirus) when I’ll be working with Pakistani brands. I’m sharing for the first time that I’m about to do work with three Pakistani most loved brands.”

She added further that she was very glad when Prime Minister of Pakistan urged its citizens to watch the Diriliş Ertuğrul as it reflects the Islamic history and cultural identification.

“When I saw the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on Turkish news channels, speaking about the successful project such as Ertugrul should be aired on local channels, I felt amazed and honored as well. If there was not any coronavirus pandemic at the moment, I would have visited Pakistan several times by now”.

About Esra Bilgic working with Pakistan’s three top brands, we can only guesstimate about it, and they may be a clothing brand, a food brand, and a consumer goods company.

All eyes will be now on Esra Bilgic to reveal the names of Pakistani brands and when she does come to Pakistan, the excitement is going to skyrocket.

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