Ehsaas Programme completes IT integration with USC

Dr. Sania Nishtar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Social Welfare visited headquarter of the Utility Stores Corporation, where she looked over the status of Ehsaas Programme integration with the USC to pass on the benefit of targeted subsidy to the needy people. 

During the visit of SAPM in headquarter of the Utility Stores Corporation, she said in a statement, “I am very happy to see that the IT teams of both the USC and Ehsaas Programme have worked very hard. The process of integration is now seamlessly working, and this will enable the USC to identify Ehsaas beneficiaries giving them targeted subsidies on certain food items.”  

She added that the installation of hardware at the USC would soon be completed to make the system operational across the country.  

Meanwhile, Umer Lodhi USC Managing Director said that by June, the corporation would be completely equipped to synergize with the Ehsaas programme. In this way, it would launch a targeted subsidy programme in combination with the Ehsaas programme all over the country.  

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He further said by adding that the targeted subsidization policy is depended on an IT-enabled system in order to promote economic welfare. It would help reduce and alleviate poverty among the deserving, poor, and neglected units of the population. 

“The well-to-do have no problems in purchasing daily-use commodities from anywhere, upscale markets or super markets. Those who have no proper source of income are hard put to make ends meet. Subsidy is the right of such downtrodden people,” an official of the Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division told media. 

Moreover, untargeted subsidy programmes increased inequality. It also lets benefited and enjoyed both the rich and poor indiscriminately. Even those individuals who could easily afford market prices were also noticed to be enjoying the benefits of subsidized pricing. 

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