E-Tijarat portal launched to support entrepreneurs, freelancers

E Tijarat

E-Tijarat, Pakistan’s first e-commerce online portal, was launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan to boost trading while also assisting the government in bringing transparency to the IT sector.

The e-commerce online portal was launched today by Prime Minister Imran Khan. He also spoke at the E-Commerce Pakistan Convention, when he unveiled the country’s first zero-tax programme for registered freelancers.

Many persons involved with the information technology (IT) sector have become millionaires, according to Prime Minister Imran Khan, and the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has devoted special attention to the IT sector and youth. As a result of technological advancements, the world has reached the digitalization phase.

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“Pakistan has the power to meet the aim of Rs 50 billion in IT exports. Some industries have already accomplished this, with IT exports increasing to Rs 3.75 billion. We will remove barriers to our youth’s development and give them with resources. We’ll make the most of the technological revolution.”

Key features of E-Tijarat portal

• The portal would offer freelancers access to education and marketplace opportunities to help entrepreneurs grow and excel.

• It would boost the economy to promote ‘Made-in-Pakistan’ products in every region

• An e-commerce accreditation body will be established to accredit the freelancers.

• The portal would also provide information on logistics companies, banks, online transfer facilities, shipment, market access, taxation, bookings for logistics, and live data of startups and freelancers.

The premier stated that the PTI government is working to establish a standard educational system in order to eliminate prejudice in the country between the rich and the poor. According to Prime Minister Khan, the government is preparing the youth to enable them to fly to the next level.

He promised that the administration would do all possible to help the youth.

Besides, the PM said that the government is also working to enhance the infrastructure of cricket in Pakistan.

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