Donald Trump wears mask in public for first time during Covid-19 pandemic

Trump mask

The 45th president of the United States of America Donald Trump finally wears a protective face mask in public while on a visit to Walter Reed Military Medical Center in Maryland, where he met injured soldiers and healthcare workers.

It was the first time U.S President put on a face mask since the sixth month old coronavirus pandemic.

Before leaving the White House President Donald Trump said “I’m not against the mask but I do believe they have a time and a place”.

He added further that if you are going to visit a hospital then talking with wounded soldiers and other staff as well, then its good thing you keep on your face mask.

Sudden change in President Trump’s tone came as the US recorded 66,528 new coronavirus cases in a single which is the new daily record.

Previously, President Trump ridiculed and teased his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, on several occasions for wearing a facemask.

Donald Trump ‘looks like the Lone Ranger’ in a mask

While talking to Fox Business Network President Trump said that he sort of like wearing a mask and he compared his face mask look with Lone Ranger, a fictional masked hero who fought with outlaws in American Old West.

Back in April when US Centers for Disease Control recommended citizens to wear masks in order to prevent coronavirus, then President Trump said I’m not going to follow the practice.

Last month, on his visit to Puritan Medical Products factory, Donald Trump did not follow the required guidelines such as wearing gloves and a face mask. Afterwards, the company had to destroy all the material manufactured during his visit. 

He then further said that wearing a facemask and welcoming Prime Ministers, Queens, Kings, Dictators, I just do not see it.

What’s the current situation in US?

The United States sees a new record coronavirus case as 66,528 cases were detected in a single day. According to John Hopkins University data since the beginning of coronavirus pandemic, 137,850 deaths were recorded in the United States due to COVID-19.

Coronavirus Beginning in US

On January 20 the United States detected its first COVID-19 cases in the Pacific Northwest State of Washington when a man returned from Wuhan on 15th January, since then the US has reported a total of 3,434,018 coronavirus cases.

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