Arts Council Punjab Launches Online Search to Hunt New Talent

Punjab Arts Council

To scout for new talent in fine arts, music, and creative arts, the Punjab Council of the Arts plans to launch a talent hunt program. Punjab Council of the Arts will lookout for new talent of those who will exhibit their work online through virtual tours.

On Monday, Abrar Alam the institute’s Operations Director said that the talent hunt had been launched to encourage artists, artisans, and intellectuals and find talented youth.

All these programs and performances however will be held online amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, said Mr. Alam.

The talent hunt will happen through online exhibitions, performances, and talks in different districts of Punjab as decided by the council. All competitions among youth would be held at the divisional, district, and provincial levels in literature, fine arts, drama, crafts, and music.

Mr. Abrar Alam further said that the programs will have the involvement of many stakeholders, education department, divisional heads, and district heads of the arts council. All the activities will be overlooked by the directors of the divisional arts council operating under the Punjab council of the arts.

At the start of talent hunt by Punjab Council of the Arts, directors will conduct auditions of various disciplines, then selected candidates will be invited to perform at the divisional level. Position holders will be awarded prize money and competitors will be encouraged by distributing prizes.

The grand finale will be organized in Lahore at the provincial level where top performers will be given prizes along with encouragement prizes for other competitors.

The major objective of launching this program is to introduce young talent to new entertainment projects.

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