Coronavirus positive cases fall rapidly in Islamabad

Islamabad coronavirus positive cases

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) recorded only 21 coronavirus positive cases on Thursday, the lowest number since early May, according to the official COVID-19 statistics

District Health Officials called yesterday’s 21 positive cases the record lowest cases since early May. They said 2355 tests were run in Islamabad and the positivity rate is under 0.89 percent. “It has fallen under one percent. Our teams have sampled from Maweshi Mandiz and bazaars as well as contacts of positives,” they said further.

65 new coronavirus positive cases along with just 1 more death were reported in the two days in Islamabad.

Surveillance of confirmed cases and marking out their contacts resulted in containing the spread of coronavirus said Dr. Zaeem Zia District Health Officer. Although the number of confirmed cases has significantly decreased, surveillance is still increased in high-risk areas.

DHO further said that the random collection of samples is continuously going on in these areas where shopping centers, grocery stores, markaz of sectors, and barbershops are also included. Contact tracing of confirmed cases is in progress.

Meanwhile, the recoveries from COVID-19 in Pakistan have significantly improved and out of total 270,399 virus cases in the country, 219,783 have fully recovered. According to the latest statistics, the total active COVID-19 cases in Pakistan are now 44,854 with 1,316 of them in critical condition. Over the last 24 hours 1,209 new coronavirus cases and 54 deaths reported across the country.

Islamabad less cases shows coronavirus strategy paying dividends

The decision of the PTI government to adopt the targeted lockdowns now known as smart lockdown and simultaneously allowing businesses to run has surely started paying dividends.

Official data and data from other sources are available to suggest that in Islamabad and other parts of the country where smart lockdowns were enforced, a sharp decrease in coronavirus cases has been noticed.

As per the figures given by the Islamabad administration, the number of coronavirus cases in Islamabad on June 1, was 771. However, after the smart lockdowns in different areas identified as infection hotspots, the count has dropped below fifty.

Similar reports from other parts of the country are now validating the point that the virus is efficiently kept under control and the results of opening up different businesses are running the economy and the people seem to be also coping with the situation quite well.

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