China to install phytosanitary facilities, build agriculture institutes in Pakistan

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China plans on installing phytosanitary facilities in Pakistan to boost the fruit export, besides constructing vocational and technical agriculture institutions to educate Pakistani farmers and the general public.

China is helping Pakistan in different projects which aims to improve the farmers and overhaul the agriculture sector of Pakistan.

According to the statement of Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), this decision was made in a meeting between Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing and Minister of National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam.

China to help Pakistan revive agriculture sector

Federal Minister Syed Fakhar Imam told media regarding Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s vision of reviving the agriculture sector in Pakistan with the addition of the latest technology and technical expertise from both countries. The collaboration between China and Pakistan was needed to come up with a solid plan or agriculture research.

In addition to the conference Imam also said that Plant Breeders Act and Plant Seed Act will deliver new openings to brand Pakistan’s agriculture products.

Federal Minister also said that despite having an agriculture land Pakistan still faces issues of low crop yield and urged Chinese authorities to also corporate in the field of germ plasma in order to grow high yielding seed diversities for fruits, hybrid rice, wheat, and cotton.

Federal Minister of Pakistan also identified another segment of the trade besides agriculture, in which China is a big market and that section is meat and meat products.

China is a very big market in the whole world for the export of meat and related products. But Pakistan does not have access to this market at fullest. Fakhar Imam wants more cooperation to secure the access to Chinese meat market for Pakistan.

The Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing also showed interest in mutual collaboration related to the fishery in Gwadar.

Pakistan and China did sign MOUs back in 2018 to work on several mega projects which will be very beneficial for both countries.

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