Chikoo app launched as Brandverse raises multi-million dollar seed round


Chikoo app launched as Brandverse, a Pakistani e-commerce enabler, has earned multi-million dollar investment during a seed round run by the JS Group. The Chikoo mobile app provides an end-to-end solution bringing the best of technology to digitally empower small businesses in Pakistan.

The e-commerce startup which aims to assistance ‘brands put their best foot forward’ makes immersive, rich, brand-safe product content, omnichannel ready, purpose-built, and future-proofed for digitally-enabled trade businesses and their supply chains.

Chikoo can easily be downloaded on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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JS Group is excited to capitalize on Brandverse and Chikoo app, the company said. “We are thrilled to announce our investment into Brandverse to further strengthen its Chikoo app which enables both offline, hyper-local, and on-demand e-commerce across the retail value chain.”

“Brandverse has the largest proprietary data of digital products in Pakistan, which allows retailers to come online on the Chikoo app in less than a minute. Chikoo app has seen massive adoption by small businesses and is tracking double-digit growth MoM. ? Congratulations Raza Matin & Faizan Siddiqi on closing your seed round. We believe in your immense potential and are very excited to partner with you.”

Moreover, the Chikoo app wishes to aid vendors to admit and making orders for customers, keeping the path of sales and inventory all in one app as well as managing delivery fees directly from Chikoo.

The app, besides, permits small industries to share websites, or links to specific products, on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and start getting orders from consumers online.

The freshly attained funds will permit the company to enlarge the Chikoo platform into a seller-focused super app that bids digital solutions to small businesses.

Talking about the project creator Raza Matin tweeted: “It’s a long road and perhaps our biggest validation is having someone of @faizansiddiqi’s repute and experience eschew the corporate opportunity and join us to solve for the growth of millions of small businesses across Pakistan and MENA.”

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