Biometric car transfer system launched for the Punjab province

biometric car transfer

The biometric car transfer system has been officially launched by the Punjab Excise and Taxation Department. From now on, there will be no more open letters or manual car transfers in the province.

The new system, according to an official, has been in place since 11 January. He explained, “We are not transferring the vehicles because we are undertaking a real-time test with NADRA.” He went on to say that because the biometric law has been announced, the timeframe would not be extended any further.

No More Open Letter Transfer

Following the introduction of this new biometric car transfer , biometrics will be required for car transfers and new vehicle registration. It means that in the event of a transfer, both the buyer and the seller must provide thumb impressions; otherwise, the car will not be transferred.

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Previously, if your car was on Open Letter, or if you purchased it from a family member, or if the previous owner was out of the country, this was your last chance to get the vehicle registered in your name via old procedure. The deadline, however, has passed.

You can use the ePay App, which is available in Android and iOS, to get any information, make a query, or find out the status of your car’s ownership, or you can go to the Excise office to learn more about the procedure. You can also contact the Excise Helpline at 0800-08786.

Why biometric car transfer is Important?

The method of biometric verification is critical for eradicating market malpractices. It also increases the transparency of the entire process. According to the department, both the buyer and the seller’s biometrics are required for car transfers. “If you’re a seller, you must go to the E-Pay App, enter your information, pay the fee, and then both the buyer and the seller must complete biometric validation within 30 days,” according to the department.

Meanwhile, the government has granted an exemption to the initial owner of Applied For and newly registered cars for sale. “For example, if the car is imported or booked in the name of person A but registered in the name of person B, then person B must produce his biometric,” according to the department.

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