Hunarmand Nojawan, Facebook to train 10,000 females in micro-entrepreneurship


Punjab’s Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority, in collaboration with Meta formally known as Facebook had trained 3,000 women and were planning to train another 100,000 females in micro-entrepreneurship, said  President Dr Arif Alvi.

“There are billions of possibilities for smart app development.” Pakistan is about to take that step. Pakistan is undergoing transformation. “The world is the market for IT products,” he remarked during an international webinar hosted by the Joint Cultural Society for Communities Collaboration on “current entrepreneurship aspects in the digital age.”

“Youths can take advantage of existing and innovative opportunities in the area of information and technology, and gain access to the ever-expanding global IT sector, which offers enormous opportunities for advancement and wealth,” the president stated.

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He stated that massive, exponential, and revolutionary developments were occurring in the information and technical fields around the world, signalling bright opportunities for Pakistan’s youth to excel.

Dr. Alvi stated that the Punjab Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority, in partnership with Facebook, had educated 3,000 women in micro-entrepreneurship and planned to educate another 100,000 women for empowering women.

The webinar was held to address digital visions and developments, as well as the role of youths in light of recent advances in artificial intelligence. The webinar drew participants from all across the IT-related world market.

Dr. Alvi stated that four major revolutions are taking place: first, in computing, data processing, and artificial intelligence analysis; second, in the energy sector, which is linked to biology; and finally, in 3D manufacturing, which includes virtual reality, blockchain, internet data, mobile computing, internet, and social networking.

He claimed that the government had built human resources for a technology world in desperate need of skilled youths.

He expressed optimism that the youths would equip themselves for the rapid IT changes occurring around the world, and that they would bring honour to the country while also providing chances for employment.

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