Bahrain cryptocurrency exchange RAIN to launch in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s first cryptocurrency exchange RAIN is all set to be launched soon, as all the arrangements related to the project have been completed. 

In keeping with the officials of the firm, Rain is the first cryptocurrency exchange for earning a regulatory license in the Middle East and a follower of an “elite group of exchanges internationally”. 

The enterprise declares that they have fabricated the platform on a “robust, scalable, and resilient” organization with protections, facilities, and competencies to make investing in cryptocurrency easy and safe for Pakistanis. 

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Furthermore, Pakistan has comprehended a revolution in crypto-investment in the preceding two years with 4.10 percent, over 9 million, of the country’s population already in crypto trade, significant growth in the local financial market can be easily seen. 

In Pakistan, cryptocurrency has been cheered by fresh investors, as a tool for financial freedom. 

 “Rain’s launch in Pakistan is at a pivotal time when the market is growing exponentially and people desperately need a licensed and regulated cryptocurrency trading platform. Our aim is to make cryptocurrency trading super secure, seamless, and cost-effective for every current as well as aspiring crypto-trader in the country” notifies Sufyaan Khan, the general manager (Pakistan) at Rain. 

According to Yehia Badawy, the co-founder of the Bahrain company, a tremendous growth in the transaction volume on Rain can be observed, and “we’ve seen increased adoption across the board from retail clients, high-net-worth individuals, and institutional clients”. 

“We have exceeded the $1bn milestones in the trading volume and to have enjoyed a massive growth in the first half of 2021, which is 20x more compared to its growth in the same period last year,” he claims. 

Pakistan has perceived a flourishing environment in mining and trading cryptocurrency, with interest multiplying in thousands of sights of correlated videos on social media and transactions on online exchanges.

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