As Covid ravages poorer countries, rich nations are springing back to life

Covid nations

The disastrous Covid-19 has clearly divided the world into two segments. In one part of the world, clubs, restaurants, and picnic spots are reopening, the resurgence of the economies are very high and the arrangement has been completed to vaccinate all the citizens of countries of that part which is known as the United States of America and Europe. In the other part of the world which is called the third world or developing nations, the situation is entirely different.

In Pakistan, the rate of coronavirus positive cases is around 8% and the horrific COVID-19 surge in neighboring India is ringing alarm bells in the country. In India, there are about 4,000 people who are meeting their ultimate end due to the Covid-19 and lacs of people are falling victim to virus on daily basis.

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The economies of Pakistan, India, and other developing counties are at risk. Only a small number of people of these poor countries could be vaccinated and it seems that the majority would remain deprived of the same.

Around 192 countries had signed up last year for Covax, a vaccine-sharing partnership and the Gates Foundation poured $300 million into an Indian factory to make doses for the poor nations. But the people of the poor nations are dying because of the non-availability of the vaccine.

One of the senior executives of the European Union commented in the global summit last year, “Vaccine is a universal human right.”

The condition in Brazil is also the worst, thousands of the citizens of this country are dying on daily basis. The country has received only a 10th of the AstraZeneca doses against the promised quantity.

Boston Zimba, a doctor and vaccine expert in Malawi where only 2 % of people could be vaccinated, commented, “It is a moral issue, this is something rich countries should be thinking about it, It is their conscience, It is how they define themselves.”   

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