3G, 4G users reach 98.12 million after mobile subscribers exceed 183 million

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By the end of March 2021, Pakistan had 183.20 million mobile users, up from 181.27 million at the end of February, a 1.93 million rise during the time under study. 

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s 3G and 4G users improved by 1.86 million to 98.12 million by the end of March 2021, up from 96.26 million at the end of February 2021, as per the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

The monthly penetration of Next Generation Mobile Services (NGMS) rose from 42.79 percent in February 2021 to 43.51 percent in March 2021. 

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Jazz contributed substantially to the newly added 4G subscribers in this quarter, with 46 percent net additions, followed by Telenor Pakistan 23 percent, Zong 22 percent, Ufone 6 percent, and SCO 1.9 percent. 

At the end of March, Jazz had a total of 8.62 million 3G subscribers, reduced from 8.79 million at the end of February 2021, a drop of 0.17 million. By the end of February, the number of Jazz 4G users had increased from 27.56 million to 28.68 million. 

Zong 3G subscribers fell from 5.074 million in February to 4.94 million in March, while 4G users increased from 22.042 million in February to 22.49 million in March 2021. 

Telenor’s 3G subscribers fell from 5.87 million at the end of February to 5.73 million at the end of March. By the end of March, the number of 4G subscribers had increased from 15.52 million to 16.10 million. 

By the end of March, the number of Ufone 3G users had dropped from 4.59 million to 4.54 million. Ufone’s 4G customer base grew from 5.908 million at the end of February to 6.052 million at the end of March 2021. 

As of March 2021, the PTA had received 26894 complaints from telecom customers against various telecom operators (cellular operators, PTCL, LDIs, WLL operators, and ISPs). According to the PTA, it was able to settle 26808 complaints. 

As per PTA numbers, Jazz is the most complained-about telecom operator, with 18386 complaints, followed by Zong with 3013. Ufone received 2360 complaints about its different programmes, accounting for 8.9% of all CMO-related complaints. 

Telenor, which has the second-largest number of customers, came in third with 2664 complaints, accounting for 10% of all complaints. 

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