Imran Khan unveils first-ever Made in Pakistan ventilators

Made in Pakistan ventilators

Pakistan has launched its first-ever Made in Pakistan ventilators for deployment at hospitals treating coronavirus patients.

Prime Minister Imran Khan handed over the first badge of locally manufactured ventilators to the National Disaster Management Authority.

The event is considered a big achievement as it has brought Pakistan among those few countries to locally manufacture this complex medical machine in accordance with European Standards.

On Monday, Prime Minister of Pakistan unveiled the first locally made ventilators that will help frontline medical professionals to treat serious coronavirus patients. Pakistan faced a dire shortage of ventilators and the launching will help equip the country to tackle the pandemic effectively.

Fawad Chaudhry the Minister for Science & Technology, Omar Ayub the Minister for Energy, PM’s Focal Person for COVID-19 Dr. Faisal Sultan, Muhammad Afzal the Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Lt. Gen and some senior officials attended the inauguration ceremony.

NRTC designed Made in Pakistan ventilators

National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation designed these ventilators that are called Safe Vent SP-100 and so far NRTC has manufactured 15 units. It has a production capacity of 250-300 units per month, they are FDA/CE approved efficient and reliable ventilators.

NRTC is the country’s highest-tech industry engaged in the production of telecommunication equipment.

Prime Minister went to the Haripur plant of NRTC to inaugurate the facility and had praising remarks for the professionals. He said, “It’s a landmark achievement for Pakistan, congratulating the team behind the project, the engineers and scientists at NRTC and the Ministry of Science & Technology. The country has the abundant talent to take us to self-reliance in new technological innovation, strongly support any initiative to harness the potential of our youth.”

Fawad Chaudhry the Federal Minister for Science & Technology called it a landmark achievement. He announced on twitter as “the first batch of ‪Made in Pakistan ventilators ‪Safe Vent has been handed over to NDMA by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.”

Besides Safe Vent SP-100 by NRTC which is approved and in production, Pakistan has three other separate ventilator designs that are under trial.

PAKVENT-1 by NESCOM, N-Saviour by NUST and CORVENT designed by PIEAS. All are facilitated by MoST & MoH using PEC & DRAP.

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