Anti-Terrorist Operations Intensify in North Waziristan, Claiming Lives of Prominent Militants

Anti-Terrorist Operations Intensify in North Waziristan, Claiming Lives of Prominent Militants

In a statement issued, the military disclosed that two notable terrorists were eliminated in a firefight in the Dossali region of North Waziristan district. The confrontation with security forces, facilitated by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), occurred on Thursday. 

The ISPR account emphasized how security forces strategically encircled the terrorist stronghold, eliminating escape routes. This approach ultimately led to the demise of two terrorists during the fierce exchange of fire. 

The report further disclosed that the fallen terrorists had been actively engaged in destructive activities, targeting both innocent civilians and security forces. A considerable stash of arms and ammunition was also confiscated from the site of the confrontation. 

The military statement added that an ongoing cleansing operation is being executed to neutralize any remaining terrorists in the region. The local inhabitants expressed their gratitude for the operation and offered their full backing to the forces in their mission to eradicate the region of terrorism. 

Previously on May 31, security forces, acting on intelligence reports, launched an operation in the same vicinity, which resulted in the death of two militants. The operation was characterized by intense gunfire between the terrorists and the security forces, ISPR noted. 

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Over recent years, the Pakistani military has embarked on numerous triumphant campaigns against various terrorist factions operating across the country, including in North Waziristan. These operations have played a critical role in disrupting terrorist networks and mitigating the risks they pose to civilians and security forces. 

In his initial press briefing on April 25, as the director general of the ISPR, Maj-Gen Ahmed Sharif Chaudhry reported that a total of 8,269 intelligence-based operations (IBOs) had been executed since the start of the year, resulting in the death or arrest of 1,535 terrorists. 

These operations were conducted across several provinces, with 4,040 in Balochistan, 3,591 in K-P, 119 in Punjab, and 519 in Sindh. He mentioned that on average, over 70 IBOs have been conducted daily by the army, police, and LEAs since January. 

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