High Court Calls for Accountability Following Misuse of Security Uniforms in Criminals Activities

pakistan High Court Calls for Accountability Following Misuse of Security Uniforms in Criminal Activities

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has raised alarm over the increasing trend of criminals impersonating members of security forces, leading to an uptick in crime in the capital city. The court has ruled that legal action must be taken against such individuals. 

Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kayani delivered a verdict on Saturday, following the hearing on the disappearance case of Murad Akbar. Akbar, the brother of a previous premier’s adviser, Shahzad Akbar, was allegedly abducted by persons masquerading as members of security forces. 

According to the IHC’s mandate, law enforcement officials are obliged to create a dedicated case file on these impersonators and submit the same to the court. The directive was issued after the court was informed that an initial report has been registered with regards to the disappearance of Murad Akbar. 

The judgement arrived in the wake of reports presented to the court by the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Interior, and DIG Operations. They verified that no official or personnel from the Rangers, the counter-terrorism department (CTD), or the police was involved in the incident related to Murad’s alleged abduction. 

The order further emphasized the duty of law enforcement agencies to respond to and manage such illegal activities. 

The IHC called for the personal attendance of the Interior Secretary, DG Rangers, and IG Islamabad on June 5th, stressing that safeguarding the lives and assets of citizens is the state’s primary obligation. 

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Justice Kayani previously expressed his frustration over the lack of concern demonstrated towards these criminal acts by people posing as law enforcement personnel. 

During the initial hearing, the advocate general briefed the court on the particulars of the case. It was then questioned if the individuals involved in Murad’s abduction were linked to the CTD or the paramilitary. The DIG police negated both possibilities. 

The court demanded identification of the individuals seen in the available footage. DIG responded by expressing a need for additional time to examine the video evidence. 

Justice Kayani expressed displeasure over this delay, stating that despite the substantial investment in the Safe City project and constant surveillance, the authorities fail to apprehend criminals. 

He further warned that if the DG does not present himself at the upcoming hearing, the interior minister will be summoned. Kayani emphasized that if peace cannot be maintained in a region spanning just 36 kilometers, it might be time for those responsible to reconsider their positions. 

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