Anoushey Ashraf advocates for animal welfare all the way from Istanbul

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Actor and talk show host Anoushey Ashraf turned her latest trip to Turkey into a much-needed lesson of hospitality, lauding the country for its animal welfare policies.

Anoushey Ashraf was all heart-eyes for Turkey on her recent trip to Istanbul where the VJ made use of the opportunity to speak in favor of animal welfare. She applauded Turkey and its people for practicing compassion towards animals and leading by example.

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“When you randomly stop on the streets of istanbul for some much needed therapy,” Ashraf posted as she shared a picture with a doggo on the street. “Love how they coexist with animals and understand their right to love and thrive in their environment.”

She also reminded fans and followers how animals too, are a creation of God and have the right to exist in the same spaces as them; thanking the Turks for being mindful of this fact.

“After all, we may be the most intelligent creation of Allah, however, animals are equally His creation too. This planet is as much theirs as it is ours. Thank you Turkey for leading by example in terms of animal welfare,” concluded Anoushey.

Anoushey love for animal had always been known to everyone when she shared her personal story for the love of animals a year back in 2019.

“I rescued my first injured animal at the age of six perhaps. A little kitten from the street across the road from our house. That’s how it all began,” wrote Anoushey.

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