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Amazon officially enters Pakistan with web services

Amazon web services Pakistan

Amazon is bringing its cloud computing business and web services to Pakistan to influence public policy that empowers digital transformation. The decision came after Amazon services faced disruption in Pakistan along with in other countries.

Amazon also registered in the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) with the name Amazon Data Services Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd and building a team for its Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Pakistan. The Pakistan based office will be under Paul Andrew Macpherson who will be CEO and Shoaib Munir works as a director along with Paul Andrew Macpherson.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) which is a subsidiary of Amazon provides on demand cloud computing services to government, companies and individuals. The Amazon is looking for a representative for a post of Public Policy in Pakistan and posted Job description on their Linkedin profile.

The company described the job as “Would you like to be part of Public Policy team that is driving the adoption of cloud computing in South Asia.”
This is a common approach by technology companies when they enter a small market. ByteDance the Chinese tech giant also did the same back in June while hiring Hassan Arshad as their head of Public Policy to work with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to halt the banning of TikTok app in Pakistan.

Amazon Web Services in Pakistan will bring digital transformation

AWS Public Policy team is in the lead role to help customers by maximizing the benefits of cloud service by eradicating regulatory and political blockers to cloud adoption.

“We do this by working with governments as they develop and revise policies related to the digital economy, including cloud first policies, data protection regulations, outsourcing guidelines, cyber security policies, tax policy, and over the top regulations,” company said it on the job description.

Amazon is looking forward to work with Pakistan government as country is developing and revising policies associated with digital economy, which also includes cloud first policies, data regulation, data protection, cybersecurity rules, tax policy, outsourcing guiding principle and regulations. The team will also remain in contact with politicians, influencers and policy makers.

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