Almost 4 million vehicles received challans in Lahore in 2021


In yearly report, the Lahore Traffic Police have provided statistics on challans and traffic rule education. Last year, the authority issued challans to 3,930,000 automobiles, according to a tweet.

Furthermore, the police claimed to have educated one million people about minor traffic offences. It is an enormous amount, and it demonstrates that the traffic police are attempting to teach and instruct the general public regarding traffic.

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The goal of a challan, according to Chief Traffic Officer Muntazir Mehdi, is not to generate income. “Rather, it is for the citizens’ wellbeing,” he stated. Mehdi advised people to drive safely and observe traffic rules.

Car with 166 E-Challans

A unique traffic violator was apprehended by Lahore City Traffic Police last month. The automobile with 166 E-Challans was caught in the city, according to the department’s Twitter account. The car owner disobeyed 142 traffic signals while also violating 12 lines, lanes, and zebra crossings.

There were also 11 speeding tickets and one one-way violation. The total sum of all challans is Rs 80,400, and the automobile documents have been seized by the police.

This is undoubtedly one of the ‘s biggest E-Challan fine, and the car owner has never paid the fee.

One-Way Violation Fine From Rs. 200 To Rs. 2,000

In the meantime, the Lahore Traffic Police have initiated a campaign against one-way traffic offences. The force is now charging Rs 2,000 for this breach, as per the instructions of the Lahore High Court (LHC). The previous fine was Rs 200. The police have asked drivers to obey the laws and avoid endangering their own and other lives.

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