All demands of TLP, except shutting down French embassy, accepted


Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad on Tuesday said the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) leadership would call off its protest as the government has accepted their major demands.

All the cases against the TLP protesters will be dropped by Wednesday, said Pakistan Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad on Sunday after hundreds of TLP workers took to the streets throughout the country to exert pressure on the government for the release of its chief Saad Rizvi.

Authorities closed down the Metro Bus service in Rawalpindi and blocked roads in Islamabad and Lahore as the government braced for separate protests in the two cities planned by a banned outfit and opposition parties. 

Due to a demonstration by a banned organization, the Ministry of Interior had written to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) last week to halt internet access in certain parts of Lahore. 

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The provincial government then shut down internet services in the Lahore neighbourhoods of Multan Road, Grand Battery Stop, Iqbal Town, Nawankot, Samanabad, and Sabzazar. 

Containers have also been placed at several locations in Lahore, including the Multan Road’s Samanabad turn and the Grid Station Stop. To prevent demonstrators from gathering, containers have been placed near the Dubai Chowk in Iqbal Town’s Boulevard neighbourhood. 

Meanwhile, as the city prepares to deal with today’s protests, the Islamabad Traffic Police have produced a traffic plan. 

Authorities in Rawalpindi have imposed strict security measures, including suspending the Metro Bus service and closing the city’s surrounding roadways. 

Several routes in the city’s center were also closed by authorities. The Sixth Road going to Faizabad was also blocked off with containers, and the Faizabad Ojri Camp Road was also closed. 

Islamabad Traffic Police releases traffic plan ahead of TLP protest 

To counter with the banned outfit’s planned long march into the city, the Islamabad administration has ramped up security measures. Citizens are encouraged to take 9th Avenue and the IJP Road to travel to Rawalpindi from Faizabad, according to the city’s traffic police. 

An ICT spokesperson said, “Faizul Islam Stop, Murree Road has been closed for traffic.” “Those travelling from Islamabad to the Murree Road should take the Islamabad Highway instead.” 

According to the spokesperson, the Jinnah Avenue route from Express Chowk to D-Chowk has been sealed, and citizens should take NADRA Chowk and Ayub Chowk to enter and exit the city’s Red Zone area. 

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