Al-Haj Proton announces good news about car deliveries

Al-Haj Proton

Following a decrease in the COVID-19 infection rate in Malaysia, Proton’s production and sales operations have been restarted. As a result of this situation, Al-Haj Proton has stated on its social media account that it is working to ensure that cars are delivered to clients as soon as possible. 

According to the official notification, the company’s resume of operations will allow it to not only provide ease in the importation of CBUs, but also to go into local assembly of its cars. 

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The company has indicated on various occasions that their assembly factory in Pakistan is nearing completion, however CKD operations were halted due to challenges in international transit during the recent Coronavirus outbreak in Central and South Asia. 

Now appears to be the appropriate time for Proton to focus on establishing a significant market presence, since the firm is likely to face stiff competition from BAIC, which has recently entered the Pakistani vehicle market. 

In the A-segment sedan category, BAIC, particularly with its D20 sedan, is set to provide Proton stiff competition, as the aforementioned car competes directly with the Proton Saga. With the upcoming development, it will be interesting to observe how Proton manages to gain a larger market share. 

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