AKU develops low-cost, 3D printed nasal swab

AKU 3D nasal swab

Aga Khan University (AKU) has successfully manufactured 3D printed nasal swab used to test the existence of Coronavirus in the body. This important product is being imported for which a big amount of foreign exchange is spent.

Aga Khan University has come up with successful experiment of the swab. At a time when the whole world is preparing the equipment to facilitate the testing of coronavirus, Pakistan’s efforts are being applauded at a high level.

The investigation lab of Aga Khan University has been making efforts to prepare it for some time as the demand for this swab along with some other items, used for Covid-19 testing has been increasing and the supply of the same is quite less. A team comprising of researchers, clinical scientists, and biomedical engineers prepared the design of the swab using a 3D printer.

The medical testing studies of this swab proved that this 3D swab is safe and effective and like the imported swab and is easy to use.

Salim Siani, the director of the Innovation support center and digital resource center said that their printer can manufacture more than one thousand swabs on daily basis and their price is far less than those of imported ones.

Meanwhile, the Dean of AKU, Dr Adeel Haider said that the manufacturing of the 3D printed nasal swab shows that at this crucial time of Covid-19, our experts are eligible to make innovation at the domestic level.

Prof. Zuhra Hassan who is the investigative expert in this process told in this regard that this 3D swab will control the import of swabs and Pakistan will be in a better position to diagnose the contagious disease.

The manufacturing of this important equipment shows that Pakistan is fully equipped with the talents of meeting the challenges of the coronavirus.

Prime minister Imran Khan also told the nation that China and Pakistan are jointly on a way to prepare the vaccine. Scientists also made a good effort of making the ventilators, PPE and N95 masks. The recent news of swab manufacturing is a good message for Pakistanis.

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