Ahmad Shah becomes youngest Pakistani YouTuber to receive Gold button

Ahmad Shah Gold button

Internet sensation Ahmad Shah is now the youngest Pakistani YouTuber to have received a YouTube gold button and a silver button. The five-year-old social media sensation has over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

YouTube play buttons are a series of gifts from YouTube that aims to identify its most popular channels. Each channel is carefully reviewed and ensured that the channel follows the YouTube community guidelines. On the other hand, YouTube Gold Button made of Gold plated brass is given to the channels that surpass one million subscribers.

Ahmad Shah from viral videos to Gold button

The five-year-old rose to fame after a couple of his videos went viral on social media. The first one from the school where he shouts over his teacher to return him his schoolbag and another one went viral for the famous ”peche dekho peche” dialogue. He was then invited to Nida Yasir’s morning show.

Shah was then made a part of numerous programs. He has been invited to game shows, TV shows, and even Ramzan transmissions for the last two years. So the child star went on to create his own YouTube channel which has so far over 91,006,260 views and recently crossed 1 million subscribers that made him get a Gold button.

Many adult YouTubers keep on working hard to get millions of subscribers, yet they fail but this child talent gained this popularity at a very young age that is a big achievement. Ahmad Shah has become an internet sensation for his cuteness and his oddly bold wit. Each of his videos easily crosses a million views and his most viewed video has got 8.7 million views.

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