60-year-old Pakistani bodybuilder explains how he still stays in shape

60-year old Pakistani bodybuilder

To obtain the fitness level you need to be very focused, some get the desired results but others don’t as they leave in the middle of development. But there are people whose desire to achieve something never gets low even with their declining age. The same is the case with Yahya Butt, a 60-year-old Pakistani bodybuilder who is pursuing the fitness goal since his youth and he continues to follow it.

Yahya Butt is the real example of age is just a number. According to Yahya Butt, bodybuilding has been his passion which he followed throughout his entire life. And now after spending three decades of workout he still is not giving up on his training.

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Yahya Butt is the first Pakistani bodybuilder who claimed five times Mr Pakistan Olympia title, three times Mr Asia title under his name and apart from that 60-year-old Yahya Butt also represented Pakistan four times in Mr Universe but unable to clinch the title due to poor facilities available in Pakistan. Yahya Butt is also a certified trainer from Gold’s Gym California, USA.

Wondering what is the diet of the 60-year old Pakistani bodybuilder? Here, check it out

Talking with Daily Pakistan the former Mr. Olympia revealed his diet and training plan which helps him to remain in the shape. In his early days of bodybuilding and still now the old man eats 7 kg of fish, 7 kg of beef, 72 eggs but without yolk, half kg almond, four glass of milk, a large bowl of green veggies, mutton, boiled chicken, honey, dry fruits, and last but not least curd and cheese.

Yahya Butt also expressed that in his prime time the supplements and steroids were not present and he had faith in natural diet and organic food which helped in all kinds of activity and not for a shorter period but for a longer run. The 60-year-old bodybuilder has no fitness issues due to his proper and natural diet. Amazing, isn’t it?

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