5 new tube wells and 10 construction projects approved for Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi tube wells projects

District Rawalpindi Municipal Committee has approved the installation of 5 tube wells to overcome the shortage of water in the city and other 10 construction projects. Tube wells will be installed in the premises of metropolitan Municipal Corporation.

Moreover, the 10 projects of construction of classrooms in different schools, water channels, and bridges have also been approved. These projects were recommended by Sheikh Rashid Shafique, federal parliamentary secretary anti-narcotics force.

The total cost of installation of 5 tube wells is Rs 37.5 million while the cost of the remaining projects is Rs 63.98 million. The new tube wells will be installed in union council #9, union council #14, union council #42, union council #46, and union council #76.

4 new classrooms in Government Girls High School Bagh Sardaran, additional classrooms in Government Girls School Mohalla Workshop and building of school will also be renovated.

These areas are facing acute shortage of water. People of these localities are bound to bring drinking water from far-flung areas. The installation of the tube wells with other projects in these localities of Rawalpindi will start in the same month and will be completed by October this year.

The supply of water in the Rawalpindi district is less than the demand. The step taken by the district development committee is being appreciated especially by people of affected union councils. But, it is required that the work on the supply of water from the Rawal Dam, and Khanpur Dam must also be done on an urgent basis.

The installation of more tube wells in the whole district including urban areas will resolve the long-standing issue of shortage of water. This will be relevant to mention that there was a plan to install water treatment plant with the mega project of Lai expressway, the treated water of which was to be used for irrigation purpose of the district. Unfortunately, this plan has been dropped because of being costly.

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