141 COVID-19 vaccines are being developed around the world

COVID-19 vaccines

The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Adhanom revealed that currently 141 COVID-19 vaccines are being developed all around the world.

The international community is taking part in the development of potential COVID-19 vaccines with corporation. The preparation of the vaccine started right after the announcement of Covid-19 as a pandemic and at the moment there are 141 vaccines under different trial phases. Some are few steps away which take months to be successful and there is no guarantee that the vaccine will provide full protection against coronavirus but still, we are optimistic.

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The global coronavirus cases have crossed 11.7 million and the death toll has escalated to 541,543 with still no signs of slow down. Almost half of the infected cases are recovered as we have above 6.7 million recoveries from the contagious virus.

With the spreading of coronavirus each passing day the global economies continue to contract. The Pakistan economy conditions are also getting worse day by day due to minimal trade, lockdown, and rise in corona cases.

Pakistan latest Covid-19 stats

Pakistan’s most populated province Punjab witnessed 82,669 and Sindh cases jumped over to 96,236. While the capital of Pakistan Islamabad seems to have successfully flattened the curve with the rise getting slower apparently owing to smart lockdown.

So far Islamabad has 13,557 cases, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 28,236 cases, Baluchistan 10,841 cases, Gilgit Baltistan 1,587 cases and Azad Kashmir 1,383 cases.

In Pakistan, a total of 234,508 have contracted the virus so far above 134,957 citizens have been recovered from coronavirus and 4,839 corona patients lost their lives.

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