Pakistani superhero Ms Marvel joins Marvel’s blockbuster video game

Pakistani Ms Marvel

The Pakistani superhero Ms Marvel is finally coming to the acclaimed Marvel Cinematic Universe with a blockbuster video game.

Marvel is introducing a new superhero video game ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ and Pakistani origin Ms. Marvel also known as Kamala Khan is part of the plan, in advance for her silver screen appearance.

Kamala Khan will be featured along with the global known superheroes you might expect, including Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America.

The comic book character is based on a Muslim-American Ms Marvel who has a Pakistani heritage with her real name Kamala Khan and has the ability of a shapeshifter.

The publisher of the game Square Enix was highly praised by the American Muslim and South Asian community for giving a Muslim Pakistani origin character such a massive breakthrough on a renowned platform of Marvel.

In the videogame she can be operated as the main game character who has the shape-shifting ability – being a polymorph and able to lengthen her arms and legs and change her shape – as a superpower.

The fans of Ms. Marvel expressed their joy over Marvels new move, as one of the gamers Maria Afsar said

“When I saw the statement that Ms. Marvel will be included in the upcoming game and will be one of the key characters of the game, immediately thought came to my mind that I was literally waiting for this type of game for my whole life, I did not see anything like this before”.

“It’s the representation in gaming I’ve waited for my whole life.”

Making of Pakistani superhero Ms Marvel

The Pakistani Ms Marvel character was co-created by Marvel’s editor and director Sana Amanat back in 2014. The aim behind the character was to give Marvel a diverse representation and to include a large portion of the population’s representation that was ignored previously.

While promoting the video game Sana Amanat added that I’m very excited to reveal that this is the biggest Marvel game we have developed so far. The Kamala character can be relatable to everyone.

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